jeudi 18 août 2011

Servetus, our 16th century contemporary

L'International Association for Religious Freedom, association dont dépendent la General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches (Angleterre) et l'Unitarian-Universalist Association (États-Unis), vient de publier avec la participation de l'Institut d'étude Michel Servet (Espagne) une brochure de 68 pages intitulée : "Servetus, our 16th century contemporary".

Je vous donne ci-après le texte anglais de la plaquette de présentation, vous y trouverez la table des matières.

Pour vous procurer la brochure veuillez vous adresser (en anglais) à Mme Audrey Longhurst : - ou (en français) à M. Richard Boeke :

An IARF publication marking the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Spanish priest and savant celebrated as one of the world’s earliest and most heroic advocates of religious freedom Dr Richard Boeke 44 (0) 1403 257 801


Our 16th Century Contemporary

Enlightened theologian and peacemaker who sought to reconcile religions and who preached the omnipresence of God, Michael Servetus paid with his life for espousal of tolerance and religious freedom in an age of bigotry.

Calvin’s Geneva saw Servetus and his books burned at the stake. Nevertheless his message of understanding and mutual respect between differing beliefs survives today among all Christian Universalists and the controversies which cost him his life are all too relevant to the religious divisions of our modern world.

In this concise publication seven acknowledged experts combine to offer an authoritative introduction to key aspects of Servetus’ life and teachings. For those who wish to draw on his ideas and his dedication as an inspiration for today’s congregations the book includes a worship resources section freely available for reproduction and use.


Foreword - English and Spanish (author: Rev. Peter Morales) -- Table of Contents -- Biography of Servetus (author: Jaume de Marcos Andreu) -- Servetus and Islam: In his life (author: Peter Hughes) -- Servetus and Islam: In his writings (author: Jaume de Marcos Andreu) -- Servetus and Unitarianism: The Transylvanian church (author: Rev Sandor Kovacs) -- Servetus and Unitarianism: The Contemporary Legacy (author: Rev.Richard Boeke -- Worship Resources: General Assembly Worship Panel Service ( Rev. Cliff Reed) -- Worship resources: Bilingual Celebration Service (adapted from Servetus Museum original) -- An interview with Servetus (An Imagined talk show, adapted from Calvin and Servetus by Louis W. Jones) -- Selected Bibliography Appendix: Selections from Servetus’ ‘Restitutio’

July 2011 Paperback A5 Size 68 pages £4.00 (Discount price £3 plus 79p UK postage) from General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches

1-6 Essex Street, London WC2R 3HY.

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